Are You Getting Everything that You want from Facebook?
January 25, 2010
Don’t go IN unless you know what you’re coming OUT with – Show me the MONEY!
February 4, 2010

By Dean R. DeLisle

When we talk with our clients, it's evident which ones are doing right things. As we move into the New Year, the whole industry and business community has learned how to transition themselves to the brave new – social network – world.

However, the question we always get asked is – Who is it working for?  Quite honestly, we have found the answer so consistent that I now lead out most of my classes and talks with the answer. It’s the ones who have the right “mindset”. That’s right, mindset.

Well, you’re probably thinking that’s a broad statement and seems awfully vague. Well then, let’s get deeper!

Whether we walk into a Fortune 500 company or a small five person business, it’s always the same story. We can give them the blue prints, develop the perfect game plan, even train the staff and coach them along. However, if they don’t believe in it and follow through, it will never work. Or, it will work for so few that the company will not support it.

That is the most consistent thing we see everywhere. We spoke to a group in London this week and it’s even the same deal across the pond.  It’s world-wide unanimous!

I call it the Tony-Little syndrome. I see everyone talking about the “Gazelle”. It’s all over television, everyone is ordering it, and if I order one I am guaranteed to lose 20 pounds! So let’s order it up! Let’s get the company a Gazelle!

However, once it arrives, I use it for a few weeks, feel better, start to lose weight, then I get distracted, go from 5 days a week – then to 3 days – then hopefully if I muster up the energy to take the clothes off of it that I threw on top, I will use it once or twice over the next few weeks – while watching TV – not even fully engaged. Then instead of losing weight and feeling better, I start gaining weight and feeling worse.

Now I realize the commercial lied. The “damn” thing just does not work!  I want my money back and am going back to what we know how to do – bitch about the fact we are not losing weight!

Now, are you a riding the Gazelle or piling your clothes on top of it?