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January 27, 2010
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February 10, 2010

By Dean DeLisle

BEFORE YOU LOGIN to your next Social Network session, think about this – What do you want, need or just absolutely HAVE to have to make your numbers?

It’s funny when we ask folks how many leads they need and all the answers we get. Half of them can’t even tell us their conversion numbers! So let’s see if we can give you some simple guidelines…

Determine the leads you need based on how much money you want to generate, or as all of us business owners like to call it – revenue.

So if I want to generate $10,000 a week, what do I need to generate in terms of leads?

Well if my average sale is $2,500, then I would need 4 sales.

If I need 4 sales, and I know I can close 25% of the people I talk to, then I need to talk to how many people?  I need to talk to exactly 16 people to generate those numbers, right?

Okay, so how many leads do I need to get 16 people either on the phone or in the door, or wherever you prefer to close potential business? Let’s say you can get 50% of those interested individuals that filled out the form to actually pick up the phone – then we would need 32 leads for the week.

So you see, if you know some basics about your business, you can get the right number of qualified leads from your social network sites and get the money!

Now – BEFORE THEY LOGIN TO ANY SOCIAL NETWORK SITE, make sure your team knows how many solid touches they are going to need to make them (and you!) the money you want!