Take your Social Media campaigns seriously – seven steps to get serious! – By Dean R. DeLisle
March 1, 2012
facebook business pages by forward progress
Facebook makes yet another unannounced change to the business pages – why not? By Dean R DeLisle
March 7, 2012

In our latest series of classes we have been really focused on ownership.  For years we have trained people how to be productive in less than 20 minutes a day, although I don’t quite believe people truly own it.

So we have made some shifts on how we train this. For instance in our LinkedIn sales training we have users add users for a specific time period, 10 minutes. We know that if they take more time to do this they will get too many responses therefore not being effective. So we want them to take more time with those people they are adding to get into rapport and effective relationship, not just adding.

Now someone who takes the approach of ownership would make sure that time is scheduled and then when that time comes would be focused with the intent of adding 4 people in that 10 minutes. The person who does not own that space would be easily distracted and will many times will wind up on other sites or distracted by advertisements, therefore not honoring the quality time to spend on that 10 minutes period to achieve the outcome desired.

Now this is just one small example, however we see time and time again that when this is practiced even at 50% the results are amazing. So how does this affect you with your ownership regarding your online time, intention and results OR distraction and lost?

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See you online – Dean