How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Coaching Business
March 1, 2012
social network ownership
Social Network Ownership – When you login who is in control? – By Dean R. DeLisle
March 4, 2012

We have this epidemic where people who are not used to marketing think that Social Media is this secret sauce that they can drink and gain instant success. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s way more involved than that. I will try and keep this high level so it’s easy to grasp in this post.

First you need to understand marketing. You must have been doing it already in some capacity. That is your first shift. If you are not marketing or used to marketing, get some help with that first.

Second you need a plan, whether you have us do it or you read a book and do it, just do it! (As Nike said).  This will be an upfront commitment of time, however once your plan it done, do not stop learning and understanding, there is always more.

Third, the leader – who owns it? There needs to be a commitment to show up, this is a big one. You need to be willing to have a leader to participate daily in some defined capacity, consistently. Who is that person and are you willing to commit to that person (even if it’s you) to lead it? This is about one hour minimum per day depending on the campaign and the business.

Fourth – the team, who is the team that will follow the leader to participate with consistant interaction. You literally need a system for this and cannot fake it. You can hire a company like ours to be the fire starters and watch dogs, however this always works best with participation. That is why we make it easy, online 20 minutes a day, can your leader own that?

Fifth, measure it. Are you willing to read the reports, understand them and make necessary adjustments? This also takes a commitment of time here, at least a couple of hours per week.

Sixth, adjust regularly. Have a commitment of budget and time to keep tweaking as necessary, however make sure you also leave enough time for proper testing.

Seven, ask for help, if for some reason this not going as planned, suck up your pride and bring in some help or tell the team, it’s not working, let’s figure this out – make the time.

Now if you are ready to commit to all this at a very high level, we can talk at the next level in more detail. You can reap great rewards from Social Media marketing, however you need to understand these seven steps and you’re on the way to success.

See you online – Dean