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Social Network Ownership – When you login who is in control? – By Dean R. DeLisle
March 4, 2012
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Breathe Before You Click – By Dean R. DeLisle
March 18, 2012

Facebook makes yet another unannounced change to the business pages – why not? By Dean R DeLisle

facebook business pages by forward progress

So everyone resisted the “Timeline” feature for Facebook personal pages, now it seems like most are fine with this change. So why not mess with the businesses on Facebook and change them as well. You can really see now that custom pages will now be mostly useless in this format (unless you can convince me otherwise).

Now you will be able to have other pages you can feature, the challenge will be getting your community to participate in those. I think the value of Facebook and the results will now be driven by the “Golden Rule” we always teach in our classes – “Provide value to get Interaction”!

My favorite changes:

Cover pictures – love it, this is awesome for creating visual appeal.

TimelineCurrent – it shows the real ‘Value-Based” communities, where they don’t slack and gaps of being absent. Are they serving regular value to their community, is this a new commitment or have they been consistent. Not hiding from this anymore – lazy marketers beware!

TimelineHistory – this is awesome, you can take historical data and mark milestone and highlights, great way to showcase your business.

ReviewCleanup – great time to review everything from content, photo’s, admins, video and pages. Use this as an opportunity, people are looking at your page right now!

You have till March 30th – so be intentional and schedule these items for review and update before then, so you look better than your competitors!

Watch for more feature changes and ways you can promote from your friends at

See you online – Dean