facebook business pages by forward progress
Facebook makes yet another unannounced change to the business pages – why not? By Dean R DeLisle
March 7, 2012
google plus forward progress
What is Google+’s Niche? By Jeff Snider
April 16, 2012

It never fails, we have a “Social Media Watch Dog” service and the things we see online are amazing. It seems once people get on social media it becomes like a cell phone. They just start dialing and talking, some texting with no understanding of the basics on effective communication or we know it as Social and Emotional Intelligence.

With Social Networks, it’s even crazier because you are not just communicating one-one, in most cases you are one-to-thousands and sometimes millions. That means the conversation you thought was private or just between you and the other party, well, it’s not. It’s literally like shouting in a crowded room, without knowing who is in that room, your next client, competitor, boss, girlfriend or spouse.

We also often see the reactive posts, this is when someone reacts emotionally to a post that may not even be meant in the context read. Then they respond, with extreme emotion and no emotional intelligence. This has led to disasters, account suspension, divorce, loss of employment, reputation damage, kicked out of school and yes even death. This Golden Rule applies to emails, voice mails, texting and now especially with Social Networks.

So for those of you who are on Social Networks show some responsibility, take it slow and easy, even if you don’t use our training, at least just read what you are posting a second time, take a breath and then click!

See you responsibly online…Dean