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Breathe Before You Click – By Dean R. DeLisle
March 18, 2012
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LinkedIn – 5 Steps to the Ultimate Profile – The Key to Attracting New Customers
June 21, 2012

Let’s talk about the new buzz of Google + updating their site for one of the newest social media portals.  So yesterday I decided would sign up with them and make another social media profile.  I have been a huge fan of Google from the get go.  I remember using them back in 1997 for the only offering they had, a search engine.  Some people back then didn’t know what that even was.  Oh how times have changed.  But I digress, I was in the process of signing up and filling out all my necessary information and just didn’t feel the excitement and pizazz that I remember from 15 years ago.  It was fun back then just searching for those obscure tidbits of information on Google!

What seems to be missing from Google+ at this point is a clear direction.   They are updating their picture viewer to be more like Facebook.  Are they trying to be another Facebook?  We all know that FB has claimed their spot from the “I’m going to wash my dog” posts to corporate companies lobbying for more likes and thus more sales.   WE HAVE A FACEBOOK ALREADY!  They have added a new Explore page that lets users seeing what is trending.   Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we all doing that via LinkedIn, a social media site that has carved its niche as a business driven platform?  And you guessed it Google+ WE HAVE A LINKEDIN ALREADY!  The question then becomes what is this social media site going to become?  What if it became a genealogy site and we could all see to what degree we are related? Then  instead of “connections” or  “friends” we could have “cousins” to different degrees.  Or even better, a site that takes our social and emotional intelligence ratings and allows us to share with each other on a deeper and more engaging level than any other site?   At this point I’m not quite so sure where Google+ is going.

I don’t know if the programs know either.  But ONE thing is for sure it isn’t going away!