November 9, 2009
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November 9, 2009

Using social media to get business

By Michael Angelo Caruso

The current U.S. President has much in common with Abraham Lincoln. Both were first‐term senators when they were elected to the Presidency. Both are from Illinois. But, President Obama loves his Blackberry and he effectively used social media sites during his campaign. Lincoln used a metal point pen. In honor of President's day this week, here are 5 Cool Ideas on how Lincoln would have used a computer.

1.  Some debates about the computer will never end.

Would Abe have preferred a Mac or a PC? Lincoln was a man of letters, but might have enjoyed the Mac for its superiority with video formats and its secure operating system.

2.  Video is the best way to get the word out.

Using YouTube and the power of video, Lincoln probably wouldn't have needed seven debates to trounce Stephen A. Douglas during their senatorial race in 1858.

3.  You don't need Powerpoint to leave a lasting impression.

Lincoln didn't need Powerpoint to deliver his Gettysburg address. Elegant and brief, the 272‐word speech was given without bullet points, a fancy handout or even a microphone. A man named Edward Everett spoke for two hours prior to Lincoln on that November day in 1863. No one remembers a thing he said. Lincoln spoke for two minutes and made history.

4.  The computer can save lives.

There's no telling how much sooner the four‐year Civil War would've ended, if Lincoln had used e‐mail to communicate with his troops.

5.  The computer is a very helpful search tool.

It took authorities 12 days to hunt down Lincoln's assassin. In the Computer Age, photographs and video of John Wilkes Booth would have been widely circulated via the internet. We can learn from history. If Lincoln could’ve benefited from using video so can you. In fact, your company should’ve posted video on the Web . . . yesterday.