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November 9, 2009
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If You're clicking Send on Every Email, You're Losing Money!


– By Dean R. DeLisle


It's no secret that we have been helping companies with automated emails and marketing since the DOS days of sales force automation. However, it amazes me that we meet with companies today who provide great campaigns with awesome messaging, drive people to fill out web forms and not only do they blow the auto responder email but they take days or even longer to give any response to the interested party! Now even if your not a marketer you can only guess where they go next!


With today's technology there is no excuse not to have at least a web response system for your leads. These are easily implemented into any web form with very little effort or cost. You can even take most any Windows-based Contact Manager and send email responses.


Even if you don't like the sound or feel of full automation, there is still the efficiency of using email templates which can encourage sales people to send information (even with attachments) to interested parties quicker than inventing a creative response each and every time.


Not only does this save time, it also helps create consistency with what your company is promising potential buyers. This way when they do decide to purchase from you, there is minimal damage control during the selling cycle. The last thing you ever want to have someone say is, "Well, I received this email that clearly stated to me that your company was going to "do this or that" that's why I bought it" This is the number one cause of buyers remorse in a very electronic society. At least if your sales staff was poorly trained and they TOLD them the wrong information, there would be room for subjective interpretation issues. However, with an email response, there is hard evidence. So use templates for ease of use, consistency and a way to cover your tail.


No matter what your motivation, take time to make sure that you keep your deals moving for prospects and customers by adding auto responders to your forms, creating email templates and considering some level of automation. We see time and time again why it not only saves money but if done right, should generate sales consistently!


Give your mouse a break and automate!