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November 9, 2009
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November 9, 2009

eMarketing eSelling with Video – Are You In It Or Just Watching?

-By Dean R. DeLisle

Now for any budget any time!

Talking with many of our clients we have recently discovered that many people today believe that video is cool and effective but always done by someone else. What they don't realize is that it is easier and cheaper than they think. With the launch of YouTube and social networking, it seems that video marketing and selling has become commonplace. In fact, customers almost expect it. We live in a busy society. So busy

that we have gone from the efficiency of email to instant messaging to texting in a very short period of time. The mystery always seems to be in how we can leverage these technologies to effectively communicate to our prospects and customers.

Even though we have been video-selling over the Internet for years through webinars and websites, it's now expanding to email and cell phones. Once you realize that there are easy to use platforms available for a reasonable price, you will wonder why you waited. (Like since I discovered texting was easy!). Although, I am still nervous for a society were we often catch ourselves typing while driving. However, the texting world has now become a way of doing business, just like the new video craze.As we embark on uncertain times, with the economy affecting gas prices, travel and even our marketing budgets, we will most certainly look at ways to cost-effectively connect to our customers. After all, at the end of the day, people buy from people, and it's that connection that allows all of us the ability to use our skills to close business. Now that video is coming to email it allows us to connect with effective "face time"! Just think of the certainty you can rely on if you could look into your computer and tell your customer or prospect just how important it is for them to

have your product. You could relay that ever-important expression once you get them to take your appointment.

What if you could look into a camera and get your face in front of them NOW? It's not only coming but it's here and ready for use. We were first seeing it with realtors, mortgage companies and car dealers. Now we have manufacturers, distributors, construction, food service and many others jumping into the game.

Although, it's not just video email. The trend has moved into video blogging (or Vlogging), video IM, video podcasts and of course my favorite–webcasting. You can jump into these platforms for as little as $10 per month per user. Of course that has much to do with bandwidth, storage and viewers, but how can you not at least try it when it's as little as $10 per month. It's absolutely worth the ten bucks to at least test it.

Like anything else, we always suggest you have a marketing or sales plan to insert into this video. So while there are many options to use in your campaign, we suggest you lay these tools out like you would a direct mail, email or calling campaign.

The cool thing is that you now have one more launch point to the customer or prospect. But this time it's visual and it counts as face time! Check out the "Watch This!" video link in this article to view a sample email and let us know your thoughts. We think it's a fresh approach that is both affordable and effective for most businesses that are looking for that new edge.

See you on the web SOON!,

Dean R. DeLisle

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