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November 9, 2009
Social Injection- How Social Networks Generate Business Leads – by Dean R. DeLisle
November 9, 2009

Local Event a Huge Success Using Primarily Social Networks – by Dean R. DeLisle

Local Event a Huge Success Using Primarily Social Networks


By Dean DeLisle


Last week marked a historical moment for Forward Progress as we held our first network event where over 80% of the attendees registered through the use of online Social Networks. The rest of the attendees were achieved through traditional Social Networks. We wanted to choose an area where we reported a low percentage of business, in a more remote area from the typical Chicago metro area where we normally do. In the end, Forward Progress decided to hold the event at the Lansing Country Club in Lansing, Illinois.


We also leveraged some of the local chambers in order to have their postings. Soon after, the local papers picked up the event and posted the details on their business section – leaving a total marketing result of zero dollars spent for the first time ever in filling a room! There were 263 registrants total and 234 actual attendees, which also marks an excessive percentage turnout for a free event. And to boot it was 17 below wind-chill!


All attendees enjoyed some hearty networking time, network contests, a presentation by Forward Progress on “How Social Networks Generate Business Leads”, and delicious appetizers! This was a mini-version of the free class offered online from our Business Acceleration Workshop Series.


This event was posted on Facebook, LinkedIN, Digg, Twitter, MySpace and a dozen other social networks sites. The amazing achievement was the number of folks who registered from those postings. We have often made these sites and blogs part of our client’s product and service launch plans; however, this event marked a new era of internet marketing. Especially with this economy, being able to not only generate leads but fill an event for little or no cost is a dream come true!