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5 Cool Ideas For Improving Your Memory


-By Michael Angelo Caruso



Everyone knows that the brain is essentially in deconstruction mode after one turns 30, but that doesn't mean you can't keep your noggin in top shape. Lisa Mulcahy of CNN and I have 5 Cool Ideas for improving your memory.


1.  Make lists, but try not to use them.


Keep making a list of your errands, but try to memorize the list as you create it. If you're going out to get milk, visit the eye doctor and the ATM, think of it as going to visit MOM (Milk, Optometrist, Money). Take the list, but try not use it.


2.  Meditation improves memory.


Boost your attention span by learning how to focus before a big meeting. Correct breathing makes good things happen in the brain. Sit quietly alone for five minutes before the meeting. Rest your hands on your belly and focus on the silence. You're meditating!



3.  Go backward while looking forward.


That inert blob of gray matter in your head just loves it when you move around. Consult your doc, but walk backward, balance on one foot when putting on a sock and exercise. Motion encourages neuron growth in the brain, so get moving.


4.  Look backward when going forward.


You'll remember your way, if you look backward once in a while. This technique is especially helpful when walking away from your ride in a parking garage.


5.  Look around to remember what you hear.


British researchers have discovered that by moving your eyes back and forth horizontally for about 30 seconds, you will retain more of what's being said, including names. Take care to get shifty-eyed before you actually start talking to people.






Michael Angelo Caruso,

Author of the 5 Cool Ideas books



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