Google Plus – not Why but Why Not? By Dean R. DeLisle
August 15, 2011
Creating Success for the New Year – Prepare for Your 2012 Annual Business Planning Session – By Dean R. DeLisle
November 13, 2011

In this crazy time we live in, you know, the Social Network and rapid information age, where information passes faster than thought or thoughtfulness.  It would not be so bad, however you want them to slice it up a bit. The platforms most of us use are web based, the developers are more rogue and non-business than ever and we still rapidly adapt to our new surroundings every day.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Firefox, Adobe and many others feel the need to push out more software updates than we can possibly consume. And the reality is that because all the shared platforms like browsers and such rapidly deploy their patches and updates, then software vendors do theirs, we never – ever quite seem to be in sync. At least back “in the day” we would, survey the users requests,  review the customer service logs, determine the changes, update training materials, then plan the release and test all features prior to putting into production. Now it feels like we better update or who knows what will work, or if we are 80% there do we just tolerate what we have and turn updates off.

I really don’t have an answer, however we gauge the pulse of the user communities out there in the world and many are at a boiling point where they might start actually giving many of these platforms a break, and some maybe a permanent break. Finding our way back to simpler, more stable tools might be the next generation.

As always want to hear your views and insights in this as we are living through it and solving “living through it” in a variety of ways!

See you online – Dean