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February 26, 2015
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March 23, 2015

Why Social HR Matters – Finding and Developing Top Talent through Social Media by Dean DeLisle




We recently did a talk at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas and wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

One of the most interesting things that we focused on was finding and developing top talent while utilizing LinkedIn as your primary social media platform.

We came up with 9 areas that I will summarize here. Should you want to dig deeper feel free to check out our link to the our slides and SoundCloud.

Step 1 – Educate HR First – then everyone else in the organization. If you are going to build an strong organizational social network, you must start with HR so there are standard and control.

Step 2 – Professional Profiles – everyone agrees  on the importance of brand consistency. After all, we are looking to attract “Top Talent” and not just anyone that finds us interesting. Over 90% of organizations are all over the place with a standard here, hence our coaching and training.

Step 3 – Connecting – there are simple best practices for HR and hiring managers to connect to targeted internal and external sources, including recruiters.

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Step 4 – Posting – having conversations with your network is the easiest way to get talented referrals and to also let people know who you need. This is often overlooked by using the recruiter tool and skipping over the basics.

Step 5 – Posting on Business Page – there is a career section on every LinkedIn Business Page, need we say more?

Step 6Networking Diving – this is also often overlooked, using the simple search tools in LinkedIn to dive into the organization’s network to find referrals and to also evaluate the type of network your employees have.

Step 7 – Group Networking – Alumni Groups, Previous Employment Groups, industry and organizational groups, all have career listing areas. You can also engage and have discussions with people to find out other sources.

Step 8 – Jobs area in LinkedIn allows you to post listings and dig into networks further from the above examples, as long as you have the budget. This is like advertising and works well if managed by experienced recruiters.

Step 9 – LinkedIn Recruiter Tool – you can use the features like candidate search, InMail, manage a pipeline and other fun tools if you have the budget for this tool. Very useful!


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We wanted to give the highlights and resources and no matter what your role is, we know you can work so much more efficiently with the use of social networks to recruit and develop top talent.

Reference Materials:

Here are the slides:

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