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February 4, 2015
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Social Selling Step Five – Converting Conversations to Appointments By Dean DeLisle

So in our Social Selling Certification Program, one of the simplest power moves we speak of is the appointment conversion. Let’s see what we can cover in this blog post.

First thing is when you log in, have the intent to get an appointment, better yet, make sure you get a “targeted” appointment. What I mean is think about the relationships you are really looking to build, and find those people in your network.

Now remember the most common form of interaction on your social network happens in your news feed, this is where most conversions take place. Once you find an ideal connection starting a conversation, then you want to make sure you are having a conversion with them. Now this basic principal works whether you initial or participate, so let’s use the participation example on LinkedIn here since that is where most people engage (that are engaging). In the example below my connection Mike, posted a relevant engaging topic, so first I engage with a “Like”. I “Like” what he said. Now this is a very quick surfaced based response, while the acknowledgement feels good it is still low on the engage-o-meter of getting into rapport with that person. So to take things to the next level, click on “Comment” and begin a real conversation. Dig in and really let that person know you are interested in the topic and the conversation. Just like you are talking!

Once you get into dialogue, it’s important that you remember that you entered into this space with the intent to covert the “targeted” prospect into an appointment. So our rule of thumb is no more than “two” exchanges, then private message that person telling them that you enjoyed the topic and/or conversation and you would like to discuss this further on the phone. Then simply setup a time to talk with that person and continue to engage in that conversation. Then when the time is right go for that next meeting and either go for coffee or Skype to get in even more rapport with that person.

Another approach to this technique is to go to a prospects profile and there is a new selection where you can look at their conversations and pick one that is most appropriate for you to participate in. Now remember not everyone is talking so you need to select people that are willing to talk, before you can jump into that conversation.


You can use this same technique in groups with people who are not direct connects, but connected via a group. Because you are connected by group you may private message those people directly.

One last note is that the more conversations you have with targeted connections, the more you will attract targeted connections looking at your profile. One way to measure this is the click on the analytics tool on your hope page, down the right side and halfway down that shows “who viewed your profile” (see below). This will show you some great stats on who you are attracting.







That’s all for now, if you want more I encourage you check out our new platform Social Jack™  ( where you can take courses and even get a certification in Social Selling. We look forward to seeing you engage more online!