Threats and challenges can spark new creativity in your marketing leadership
November 9, 2009
The FLUFF and the STUFF
November 13, 2009

By Dean DeLisle

A True Client Story
It truly amazes me sometime that there are those companies, more like the people in companies who get things done and make things happen and those that just seem to show up and wait for something to happen – or as we all know wonder what happened.

In this economy we all know it's tough, as business owners we are fighting every day for sales, market share, customers, survival and I could use this whole article with the list. However this article is about those that work for us and realize the unsolicited importance of stepping up. Doing what it takes, make it happen, do the right thing, stay late, do that one extra thing that by the time our head hits the pillow, makes the next day count even more.

The next thing is how contagious that is can be to others in the work place. Now there will always be those that don't get it. However, I will save that for another article.

So, on to my client story. We have a Property Management company, Jupiter Communities, who put us to task on a property that had some challenges. We reviewed the account and took on the challenge. As new folks we saw this property from a new perspective and thought it would be a very doable task to drive traffic.

Well, we did not anticipate the bonus. We met the Director of Marketing, Victoria at the corporate office. For starters, while still young in her career,  she had great leadership tendencies in that she knew how to get things done in this very large company when things were needed.

Next we had the Property Manager and the unbelievable staff who pretty much ran themselves and just needed some guidance from us on the newness of the Social Network world. Now these folks are beyond busy, they had done a real good job already, they had a stretched schedule, a packed work week, and they had no reason to actually do some of the "hard" – "new" things we had required. Yet much to our amazement, even sometimes down to the wire, they delivered and made it happen. They ALL stepped up!

Now I know some of you are screaming – okay tell us of the results! Ok, they had the fastest Facebook Fan build, in the shortest amount of time from the smallest universe of people we had ever seen. Then they had the fastest Facebook Fan controlled interaction, praise and unsolicited testimonials and endorsements we have ever seen. And many of you know we have done hundreds of these. They are currently being recognized by other businesses in their community as the "progressive community". This all equals, buzz and increased traffic (isn't that what we all want!".

Now remember, like with any business tool, it can work, it can generate traffic, it can generate people, however it goes back to the age old question. Are you behind it and do you have the right people.

The rest is up to you, are you the type of company with the people to make it happen, wait for it to happen or wonder what happened?

See you on the NET! – Dean

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Jupiter Communities
Cahaba Lakes, Birmingham, AL
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