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December 31, 2013
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January 20, 2014

How to Get More Twitter Followers:  Enhance Engagement by Creating a Conversation – Steven Nestor

twitterAs the New Year approaches, our team at Forward Progress has been revitalizing our Search Engine Marketing methods by peering into the details of our Social Media account management.  Last week, Twitter was the Theme of the Week and you might say that our winged friend, Twitter, was the Partridge in our Pear Tree this Holiday Season.  Our Focus:  How to Get More Twitter Followers.

Enhance Your Engagement to Get More Twitter Followers

During our study, we concluded that many Twitter accounts get more twitter followers by blindly following other accounts with the expectation that those accounts will curiously follow them in return.  While this does help users get more Twitter followers,  the engagement quality is undesirable.  As relationship and content marketers, our goal is to increase our digital influence with valuable information while aiming to get more Twitter followers.  So, for the sake of our discussion, let’s consider followers Twitter users who are engaged.

Get More Twitter Followers

To get more Twitter followers by enhancing the quality of your engagement, our team suggests engaging in conversation with influential accounts in your industry.  Rather than just “retweeting” their tweets or replying, “Hey! Great Tweet,” provide value for your followers and begin a conversation from the perspective of your expertise.  Those in real estate, for instance, might weigh in on the essence of young families choosing homes where quality schooling is offered, or a technology account might comment on hip features of the newest smartphone.  When engaged accounts reply, their followers get a glimpse of your account and when you’re clever enough to get a “retweet,” your brand is credited by influential accounts, teeing you up to get more Twitter followers.

Build Account Lists with Engaging Accounts to Get More Twitter Followers

When discovering the appropriate influential accounts with which it would be beneficial to engage, Twitter offers the ability to create lists within the accounts you follow so that you can build a rotation of topics to discuss with other accounts throughout your campaign.  Users might consider separate lists for accounts in their particular industry, general news, clients, or local communities.  In short, this helps account users organize their engagement approach to efficiently get more Twitter followers.

Mind Your “Follower Yield” when Engaging to Get More Twitter Followers

twitter followersIf you happen to manage an account that has followed an abundance of accounts to get more Twitter followers, audit your current “followee” list and unfollow any accounts with which you’re not engaged.  Don’t worry; those accounts likely won’t know you left them given your absent engagement and no one will get hurt!  This will improve your “Follower Yield,” which is the ratio of followers to “folowees” on your Twitter account.  This will increase your Twitter influence, which can be measured by Klout Score, an index of your account’s following count, follower count, retweets, list memberships, number of spam accounts following your account, and the Klout Score of accounts “retweeting” your tweets.  To get more Twitter followers, demonstrating a high value of influence is imperative.

To wrap up, working hard to get more Twitter followers is about growing the quality of your online community rather than a number below your profile image.  Keep in mind that those irrelevant accounts likely won’t be seeking your products or services.  After all, those among our target market are who we’re targeting – right?


Get More Twitter FollowersAuthor Steven Nestor is a Marketing Coach at Chicago-based marketing company, Forward Progress, Inc.  Visit our website at www.forwardprogress.net for more information on our services, and visit some of our other sites www.LinkedInOnDemand.com and www.SocialJack.com where you can join us for our coaching and training programs. Finally, ask us for a private quote on workshops, boot camps, or even custom contracts.  We compile programs to fit nearly any budget.  Consider working with Forward Progress to learn more about how to get more twitter followers and expand your business!