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January 3, 2014
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How LinkedIn Can Increase Your Business Development Results in 2014 – Dean R. DeLisle

This topic takes me back to my tech days in business development, channel sales and doing whatever it takes to get into the board room. It is one of my favorite topics to blog and talk about. In fact it is at the core in our curriculum for our Corporate LinkedIn Business Development Training, my Graduate School Program, and our system. So what I am going to attempt to do here is share with LinkedInyou the power of LinkedIn with basic business development principals we have used successfully over  the year. Ones that you can take with you from this blog post to the next time you log into LinkedIn.

Let’s break this down into three easy steps:

  1. Build Extreme Credibility – Reputation
  2. Engage with Your Target Network
  3. Convert, Convert, Convert

LinkedIn and Online Reputation

Step One – Build Extreme Credibility means once you know your target. Ask yourself who is that ideal prospect and what do they look like, whatlinkedin business development industry are they in, what type of connections do they have? Once you know that target, it’s simple, pretend they are looking at your LinkedIn profile. Imagine getting a referral right now, the phone is ringing and they will give you a deal, on the spot, if you say the right things. Why are you the expert? How will you help them? What evidence do you have that you have done this before? All of these should be in your profile, because YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE is what they look at, it comes up in Google at the top, many people go directly there and just search you. When they do this, they also see your competition, even if you are getting a referral. So build a solid, complete LinkedIn profile, one that is complete and covers all the reasons someone should do business with you. Especially the business your referrals are sending you and the business you really want. Now you have “Extreme Credibility”. For more detail on the steps see our program – all the classes you need are there.

Engaging Your Network to Increase Business Development Results

Step Two – Engage with Your Target Network Regularly means basically show up and talk. Now I did say “Target” network, just like we spoke of in Step One. So always watch for your ideal target people. Pretend you are at networking event – you only have a limited time – only talk (like and comment) to the targeted people. So think this way, when you show up to a networking event, do you just stand by the door and hope to get approached or do you mingle and talk to people? You are ideally looking for your next targeted customer right? This means when you log in, make sure you engage even simply by the simple act of looking on your home page, Liking, Commenting and Sharing items from your network, however selecting the people who are the ideal target for your new business. This is the equivalent of speaking to someone in the social world. Now if you spend most of your time engaging with targeted connections event better. Remember also the goal is to not keep these conversations in your LinkedIn, ask them to move the talk to the phone or a Starbucks!

LinkedIn Business Development – Converting

Step Three – Convert, Convert, Convert – in our training we say “make your move”! It’s like dating! Once you see the target and you engage, make that move for the appointment, most of you know how to make the move in a networking event, now do it anywhere you see people in LinkedInLinkedIn – yes it’s that easy. Click on the send a message button, then ask, go to the profile record, pick up the phone and call or send a direct email, then ask. Also, we say to expect the Outcome, what we mean by this is expect the appointment before you log in. In our training classes we train on a 20 minute a day discipline, where you claim your outcome before you log in and state your log in time. It’s simple if you are logged in for 5 minutes and no appointment, then move on, just like a network event!

Contact Us to Increase Your Business Development Results in 2014

For more detail on this simple go to our last webinar titled:
How to Use LinkedIn for New Business Development
where our team discusses this topic in more detail.

For the slides from the webinar please visit our Slideshare account:
How to Use LinkedIn for New Business Development

Ok, now that you have these simple movements, it’s time to go from this blog and log in to your account now and try these moves. Then stop by our website at and tell us know you did. If you find yourself looking for more, then visit some of our other sites at and where you can join us for more coaching and training programs. Or ask us for a private quote for your company – we love doing workshops and boot camps or even custom coaching contracts. We have programs to fit most any budget.

We look forward to assisting you with your LinkedIn business development!

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