Holiday Wishes to ALL and a Successful 2012
December 21, 2010
Call to Business Owners and Managers – Check in with Your Plan
January 18, 2011

Call to Business Owners and Managers – Check in with Your Plan

Just a quick check-point with our business owners out there to make sure that you don't wait to long to check in on those new year plans you made for a great 2011 – just a few weeks ago.

I was speaking with several business owners today who went through our planning process for the new year and realized how important it is to have those measurements in place immediately. Even if you don't have them all in place – get some critical "Key Performance Indicators" or measurements set for next week.

In order to be "on track" for 2011 how many sales do you need per week? NOT last years numbers the NEW numbers! Then measure what you need to get you to those sales. For our corporate clients, have your departments or divisions reporting in already as well. Just spoke with some other business leaders who did not have their thresholds adjusted to their new plan – lets get that going. Slipped on a few myself!

So if it is an issue – stop long enough to straighten this out – get your measurements in order and begin checking in this Monday at the latest!

Agreed? good – whew – now we are track for a 2011 – and we wish that for all of you!

Those of you already on track – great work!

– All the best – Dean