Stitely Entertainment Jams on Social Media
July 14, 2010
Know thy target – time to check your LinkedIn Profile?
August 5, 2010

By Michael Angelo Caruso

1.  Opportunity is seldom convenient.

Complaining has almost become a national past-time.  It seems many of us want the earth to rotate at our convenience.  (How dare they repair the road I take to work!)  Young people, especially, like to use the word “annoy” these days, as in “That’s so annoying” and “She annoys me.”  We even complain about opportunities.  Not a good mindset.

2.  Traveling business consultants often visit at no charge.

Many of them would be happy to visit with you to discuss the topic of your choice at no charge.  It’s lonely on the road!  Let’s meet up for coffee or a bite when I come to town.  (You may have to come to my hotel.)  Upcoming speaking engagments have me in Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, AL; Los Angeles/La Mirada, CA; St. Petersburg, FL; Knoxville/Jonesborough, TN & more.

3.  Social media continues to be the hottest marketing strategy in the land.

Major corporations such as SAS, Cisco, Ford and Southwest Airlines have joined smaller companies in improving their branding and revenue through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and even video marketing.  Don’t let your business get left behind. Register for one of the best social media courses in the country, Social Media Magic or order the audio CDs.  Register for the tele-class, held on Tuesdays, Sept. 7 – 21, 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM ET; benefit from live Q&A; invite your boss to attend and send an associate this invitation; a playback version of the call will be available for 48 hours after the live teleseminar or Order the tele-class on audio CDs; listen whenever you’d like, as many times as you’d like; share with others.

4.  Lots of decisions get made during a first impression.

We’re taught not to judge, but we can’t help making decisions about people when shaking hands.  Here’s a quick video with some tips on how to make an even better first impression. Be sure to hit the “Subscribe” button so you’ll be notified of new vids.

5.  Article marketing can quickly build your brand.

Attract more visitors to your Web site using article marketing.  These sites get 100x more traffic than yours and will let you contribute articles that include links to your offerings.  Focus on only one 450-word article at a time.  Read more at my blog . . .