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April 11, 2016
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Social Jack TV Episode 6: Social Selling Relationships That Drive Sales and Marketing Results

Join us Tuesday, April 19 at 1 PM CST for our upcoming episode of Social Jack™ TV with guest Jon Ferrara, Creator of Nimble!

Learn how to implement sales enablement  from the person who pioneered CRM with GoldMine and reimagined it with Nimble. Social media is changing the buyer journey and how marketing and sales need to adapt. Learn how modern sales and marketing teams can work together to stay top of mind with social digital prospects. This episode will cover how to build a self-sustaining brand and network, filled with prospects, customers, and their influencers, by adding value to their journey as trusted advisors.

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About guest, Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara has been recognized for pioneering innovation in the customer management category. Prior to founding Nimble, LLC. Ferrara was the creator and co-founder of the award winning customer management product GoldMine. In 1999, Goldmine got acquired by FrontRange and Ferrara left to pursue other interests. During those years, Ferrara continued to watch the CRM market. He saw that most of the CRM products that were serving small businesses moved up market (and became more costly and complex) or fell by the way side, leaving the market underserved. It was at this point that he decided to create the next generation CRM product for small businesses, Nimble.

About Social Jack™ TV 

Social Jack™ TV is a series of channels which hosts episodes jammed pack with social network based education in sales, marketing, and personal and professional development. We interview industry experts on all our social channels, including the social selling channel, the social career channel, the social community channel and the social life channel.

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