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November 9, 2009
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November 9, 2009

5 Cool Ideas That Rock – by Michael Angelo Caruso

As a fan of creative communication and problem solving, I enjoy paying tribute to other people's cool ideas. I don't know always know exactly who I'm honoring with the examples below, but here are 5 Cool Ideas that rock.


1.  Customers love to have a choice.


Their are two main ways to navigate the Dallas-Fort Worth airport by car. You can go around it at no cost and it will cost you a few minutes or you can drive through and it will cost you a few bucks. You may not be a fan of tolls, but you've got to admit this is a clever way to create revenue.


2.  Creative ideas make people smile.


There's an enterprising shoeshine man at the Gaylord Texan Resort. He offers three price points for his simple service, all with glamorous names. Not one of them is called the "basic shine." The most expensive shine gets you a glass of wine. Now, that's creative marketing!


3.  Avoid "tradition unimpeded by progress."


Have you noticed that many t-shirts no longer have a label sewn into the back of the neck? Instead, the garment information is screened into the fabric. Brilliant! Cereal boxes are now missing the expensive tongue-in-groove boxtop in favor of a less expensive tuck-in flap.


  1. 4. Old service models can almost always be improved.


TSA at some airports have figured out how to free the bottleneck in security lanes by having two conveyor belt lines share a metal detector walkway. This is less expensive because TSA uses less personnel and less equipment. It's faster for us, too.


  1. 5. Create products and services from thin air.


A while back, I spoke at a conference where a woman took several excellent photographs of me. The shots were posted on a board later and a single snapshot was priced at $7.

I asked why the pic was so expensive and was told that I was purchasing the photograph and the rights to it. Clever!



Inspired by others,



Michael Angelo Caruso