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November 9, 2009
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November 9, 2009

5 Cool Ideas on the Things We Do For Attention By Michael Angelo Caruso


We do almost everything for attention. This works out fine providing we don't become too dependent on outside validation. Here are 5 cool ideas on the things we do for attention.


1. Sometimes we attract the wrong attention.


Years ago I was Big Brother for a young man named Anthony. When he learned to drive, Anthony tricked out his car to sound loud and powerful. I teased him that he was doing it for attention. A week later, Anthony seemed surprised that the cops pulled him over for "no reason".


2. Approval is a strong motivator.


Most people dress to attract attention. Every morning we chose to wear a certain outfit or a piece of jewelry. If we absent-mindedly get ready for work, we almost certainly select clothes that we purchased because they would look good on us.


3. The solicitation of attention is an art form.


Tattoos, body piercings, automobiles and even dogs are tools for attracting personal attention. Companies spend loads of time, energy and greenbacks attracting customers.


4. Low prices are attractive and addicting.


I'm reading The Wal-Mart Effect because I have a huge new client (not Wal-Mart). For better and worse, Wal-Mart has become our co-dependent partner when it comes to low prices. Most savvy business people know that low pricing is vastly overrated.


5. Provocative marketing provokes response.


Marketing your company's products or services is all about attracting business. The idea is to provoke a positive response from the customer, which is all I ever try to do with this newsletter. Finally, sometimes it's better to give attention than to look for it.