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Why Should You Be Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business?

We are entering a world in which creating a social media presence is absolutely necessary in order to run a successful business.  It is very important, then, to master all available features that are provided by LinkedIn.  Learning how to use these features will help you when you are using LinkedIn to grow your business.  LinkedIn is the premiere social network site for people in the business world.  When you are using LinkedIn to build your business, you will be able to attract potential leads, make connections with important people in your industry, and market your business.

In What Ways Could You Be Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business?

When using LinkedIn to build your business, there are many features that you need to utilize.  You need to learn how to use the following features for ideal results.

Create A Business Account

A business account gives you access to many unique company pages where people could learn more about you and your business.   These pages can do things such as providing links to all of your employee’s LinkedIn accounts and showing online articles that were published.  It is a great asset for viewers to be able to find all the important information about your company on one simple and organized page.

Join Groups

A great feature on LinkedIn is that it provides groups.  Each LinkedIn member is able to join up to 50 groups.  To help your business, you will want to join groups that you have interest in and are related to your industry.  LinkedIn Groups allow you to start or join a conversation with other LinkedIn users.  When you provide valuable input, you will gain credibility.  Once the LinkedIn Group members learn more about you and your expertise, you will find that LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to listen to sales opportunities, find leads, and close business deals.

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is similar to joining LinkedIn Groups.  LinkedIn Answers is a great medium for people in the business world to communicate back and forth and to share business knowledge.  To help your business, you should focus on answering questions that you may know.  This will showcase your knowledge, interest, and expertise to your connections and potential business partners of the LinkedIn community.  Once you provide enough good answers, you may gain expertise in that area.  Every time that a questionnaire picks your answer as the best, you gain a point of expertise in that category.  Experts in each area are recognized on LinkedIn: the more points of expertise you gain, the higher you will appear on lists of experts.


Results From Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business

All in all, LinkedIn is a great tool for your business.  Its networking capabilities are unmatched by any other social media site.  Businesses are very intrigued when they realize that LinkedIn is much more than just a site to stay in touch with friends.  Maximizing LinkedIn’s capabilities is a great way to separate your business from all of its competitors.


Author Robert Grossi with Forward Progress is an expert in LinkedIn profile creation.  For more information on Forward Progress or to receive a free quote on how we can help you by giving you more information about using LinkedIn to build your business