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January 5, 2016
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Social Teaming Defined – It’s All About Who You Know

By Dean DeLisle

Social Teaming

In today’s world of being so well connected, we find ourselves with many connections and yet we have far less close relationships. With our coaching and training programs at Social Jack™ we find that we have some basic principles to help build your top connections into more of a team, a Social Team or as we call it Social Jack™ Team.

Social Teaming Defined

These are the “Ideal 40 People” in your network who will serve you on route to your destination.  You will have the most in-depth relationships and rapport with these people. They will help you on your path to social selling and relationship marketing.  This is an evolving list of ranked connections who will change in rank or be removed if it proves there are others who seem to be a better fit.  It does not mean you will not maintain contact or relationship with them, you will just focus on working with your “Social Jack Team” to achieve your ideal community, career, sales, or life movements.


The Process – Sports Based

We have modeled our process off of champion sports teams, top performing sales professionals and peak performing companies. To understand our process, we incorporate a few core principals.

We also have a unique, easy scouting system to build a pool of players to your feeder system for your team, then we have a draft process to bring people into your feeder team. Next, you have the excitement of drafting players onto your Social Jack™ Team to play, score and win your championship.


Social Teaming


What Kind of Social Team do You Want?

First what type of team do you need? We consider this a team category or sport as we like to call it. Our main team categories can be focused on your career, sales, community, or your life. You pick the category then we kick in with the next part.

Your Destination – The Social Selling Championship

Where do you want to go, what is your destination, your championship? For career are you a director who wants to be executive VP, or maybe change careers entirely? For sales, do you want to become a top producer and close a million dollars in business this month or even this quarter? You decide so you can hold a consciousness to the type of team you will need to get you there. Got it so far? Good.

Your Target Players

Everyone knows who their best players are, sometimes even their top few players. However, when scouting and drafting, you need to hold a standard for the very best players and not just a stack of connections. We have our student’s model and link to the very best high performing players. What does your best player look like? What if you have 5 of those players on your team? What if you had 40?! See the power in having a very intentional, outcome based Social Team? Our students do too!

Scouting for new players

This is my favorite part, scouting for new players. The fun of meeting and connecting is a lifelong passion of mine. Although we have found that typically people come back from an event or meeting, sometimes those contacts get properly entered into CRM systems, email systems, social networks, yet they never get considered to be part of “the team”? Well after training and coaching over 100,000 professionals we have found that over 90% of the people don’t consider it. We also found out that over 90% understand the importance of having a solid team made up of targeted players in helping them get to their destination. So at Social Jack™ we have those people put into a feeder team, like a farm team to tryout for their Social Jack Team™ as shown below!

Social Teaming

Field of Play – Game Time!

Now the fun begins, once you have a primary Social Jack Team, and a Feeder Team, you are ready to play. When we say Play, we basically mean “engage”, make contact, and have meaningful conversations with the intent for relationship. Now for our system, we have a scoring and tracking system which is not important for this article. The major premise in our system is the core of what makes every company culture, social community, sales, career, or even life team successful. The securing of relationships through consistent contact, being genuine (authentic), building trust, with the intent to help each other (reciprocity) is really the key. Not volumes of connections, but a team of relationships on the same journey together. You don’t need our system or our training to make this happen, yet I would argue whether or not you would continue doing it without the coaching, training, tools and system to keep you building that championship team.

Finally I want you to consider, what would the world look like if all of us created a conscious team to help each other get to our destinations? How is your team looking?

Hope to see you soon on one of our classes or even in our community at www.socialjack.com.

See you online – Dean