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December 29, 2015
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2016 Trends and Predictions – Snackable Content Gets Real

By Dean DeLisle

I had a great time last month at Social Media Strategy Summit in Dallas, talking with an learning from colleagues non-stop. There was a range of talent on board from Fortune 500 to Entreprenuers. Leaders in everything digital, social and content, it was a true blessing.

We delivered a workshop that helped folks create the ultimate content strategy and launch it in short order.

One key theme around content is that content needs to get smaller more concise for it to be considered by consumption. We learned some interesting facts from this year that proves this to be true.

The average internet user

  • Has an attention span of 8 seconds, whereas a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds
  • Visits 2,125 pages per month, 1.12 min per page
  • Views over 3,000 impressions per day

We are experiencing a universe of very fragmented attention, we have less time to grab people. The cure for this is “Snackable Content” or content that is shorter including  blogs like this under 200 words, videos less than 60 seconds, webinar and podcasts under 20 minutes, etc. We can still drive people to the longer more in depth content, but trust and credibility need to be earned in seconds not minutes, a few words, not paragraphs. It is time to look at your current content and chop it down.

Hope you found this interesting and validating like we did and it helps for your planning and outlook for 2016.

We look forward to seeing your shorter content online very soon.

– Dean