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July 6, 2010
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July 14, 2010

By Dean DeLisle

There are so many people on Social Networks, yet we have the same two categories – the ones who get it and the ones who don’t.  We want to have some simple steps for the people who are using Social Networks, yet still are not getting Social Networks.

The first lesson covered is probably the most important lesson – no matter who you are, you have many contacts. People who know you, trust you, know who you are, and maybe can even recommend you! If you are even a mildly organized networker you will have a system for these primary contacts. Even if you simply place them into your Gmail account and put the most important ones into your phone – you have contacts.  Also, most of you already have a system for storage and possibly even follow up.

The level of your system can now be enhanced with the use of “Online” Social Networks through the power of seeing the unseen. Look at the diagram below where Bob and Sue meet at a networking event, develop rapport and decide they will meet, exchange business values and even discuss how they can help each other out by referring one another to other people’s networks, where opportunities present themselves.

In the traditional ways of networking, we would hope that Sue would recommend us to Pat as shown in the diagram so that that business opportunity could surface for Bob to have a great referral to close a deal. However, in this time of busy people, we must also rely on the fact that Sue remembers or, even worse, has the ability to retain Bob’s business value and match that with Pat’s need to make the introduction in the first place – right? What are the present day odds of that happening?

Well, the odds are much greater now that Social Networks allow us to connect our networks together. They also allow us to provide our trusted connections with a means to be present even when we cannot. This means that if Pat is present in Sue’s network, which is connected to Bob, and Pat needs what Bob is offering and can understand that without talking to or waiting for Sue, then voila! Bob gets a referral from that next level, with no excessive handling.

Now this has the potential of working several different ways in Bob, Sue and Pat’s favor, however we promised we would keep it simple this time.

And to think we did not even talk about Mark in the diagram, who has a recent trend of surfacing to do business with Bob – but lets get a couple of referrals first then move into the next dimension!

The lesson today kids, is to think beyond those direct connections and make sure you are looking deeper than your current “SEE LEVEL”!