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July 27, 2015
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LinkedIn Social HR – Finding and Developing Top Talent By Dean DeLisle


The world of finding, retaining, and developing top talent is a whole new game. If you are not all over LinkedIn and other social networks with your efforts you are missing 80% of the game. We interviewed top HR and recruiting professionals, hiring managers and business owners. We talked to corporate America and small businesses and across the board, the best candidates are coming from referrals within someone’s social networks.

There are two areas we think of when it comes to the Social HR talent machine, the internal network and external network. Once these are optimized and working together the recruiting resources are endless. Let’s cover both angles.

Internal Social Network – LinkedIn Specific

So the very best organizations that breed and develop the best talent have a vibrant connected internal team. This happens from the top down. Now the entire organization does not have to be connected in whole, but in parts. So if sales works together, then sales should be connected, if they work with production, then they should be connected with production and so forth. Then this network should in fact all be connected from the top tier of management to HR or hiring managers. This properly wires the network to develop talent from within and also connect the internal talent to the next network, the external network.



External Social Network – LinkedIn Specific

Again using LinkedIn, you need to then train your organization about targeted connections. In the event that they don’t practice engagement, you should have them connecting to all professional relationships and related connections that can serve both their career and the role they play in the company. Once this is connected to the powerful internal network it can allow for endless resources and referrals from the external network.

This does not have to be complicated but just well-orchestrated. We are called in to map this out and provide the coaching and training for this initiative and have shared some of our experiences in more details below in our latest webcast and have also provided the slides.

Video from our webcast

Slides from our webcast