Your Social Mark – why do you make it so hard on yourself?
October 1, 2010
The Key to Transformational Leadership
October 6, 2010

By Dr. Bob Wright, Wright Leadership Institute

We are having more demanded of us as individuals—more than ever before in human history. We must be better educated, better team members, build powerful networks, and so on. We are transforming, our world is transforming, and that means that, in order to succeed, we need more skills than ever before. Key among these is leadership—not just any leadership, but transformational leadership for transformational times. This is the key to personal power, satisfaction, and fulfillment in our age. Transformational leadership is an inside job. It is leadership from the inside out. It is not about manipulating others but about engaging them in meaningful pursuits. Ron Riggio’s recent research is proving this.

Ron Riggio and Bernie Bass wrote Transformational Leadership based on Bernie’s extensive data base. After Bernie’s death, Ron has continued the research and Authenticity is emerging as the next key aspect in transformational leadership. That means that the transformational leader is truthful, committed, sincere, devoted, and intentional. What they feel inside is transparent on the outside. They are congruent. They don’t just work on those they lead, they work on themselves because they know that the transformation of those they touch begins with their own personal transformation.

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