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February 10, 2010
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February 16, 2010

Your Target – sell them what they are buying

Make sure you know who you are looking for.

As we teach you to write a business attracting profile and modify your settings to open up your network, the last thing you want is to attract the wrong type of client.

We have all been there, it’s like sitting through an entire meeting before we find out that this person across from us will not only never buy from us, they don’t even have money!

So let’s be clear on who we are looking for and make sure we position our social network profiles and content to speak to that audience.

There are a couple of simple questions you can answer:

  1. Who is buying our product or service now?
  2. Is this our ideal customer?
  3. What are they buying – not what are we selling?
  4. What would we say to them once they arrive?

Now read your profile – does it say that?

– Dean