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February 17, 2010
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March 11, 2010

Your Social Network Posts – They’re all about the destination!

This is probably the single most reason certain companies we work with DO NOT GET LEADS! Hopefully you read this multiple times.

It amazes me how many businesses call us in and want to drive in leads and yet when you look at their website, it has no obvious call to action or even an inviting place to take an inquiry. With everything we teach you how to do in Social Networks, the question we always ask is – what is the destination?  Basically, where do you want to take people next?

Some possible destinations:

  • Website Offer Page
  • Website Home Page
  • Landing Page
  • Registration Site
  • Email
  • Phone
  • In the Door

Typically it’s easier if you are trying to convert from an online place with an online conversation to take them to another online place. However, we teach thousands a month how to make their destination a phone call or actual appointment. This has our B2B folks jumping through hoops! Even job seekers are yielding top notch interviews because they have a clear target with a clear destination of that meeting they need to close the business.

So make sure you have a clear destination so once we have those effective online conversations, we have someplace to take them.

Remember to keep this easy if your website needs an overhaul (like 90% of them), then simply create a landing page to generate enough revenue to fix the website. That’s why landing pages were invented!

– Dean DeLisle