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March 11, 2010
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March 19, 2010

Dr. Robert Wright, Wright Leadership Institute

Attention all entrepreneurs and other sales professionals: do you know where your year is?

Just in case it has gotten away from you and is suffering from neglect, in less than two weeks, it will be 1/4 over. In other words, that is:

… three of twelve months,

… twelve of 52 weeks,

….or 90 of 365 days.

Will you have hit your 1/4th of your year’s goals by the end of March?

Are your rationalizations working overtime with reasoning like, “February was a short month,” or, “It is not my season yet.”?  If so, are you prepared for your season, like a good farmer who uses the winter months to maintain equipment and plan for spring—or are you just making excuses?

If you are like me, you waver between flat out denial, rationalizations, and other forms of Taurus excretes (B. S. in plain English).  If you know you are full of it, you are at least in a position to get going on your year to aggressively catch up and get ahead.

My suggestion? Get a good coach. Even though I am a coach myself, I have three right now in addition to my board: my business coach, my spiritual director, and my marketing coach, the inimitable Dean DeLisle.

Getting a coach is the first thing to do, but it is not sufficient. You also need to empower your coach with meaningful production numbers, rewards, and consequences.

The latest scientific research by Dr. Richard Wiseman in England shows that those who succeed at what they set out to accomplish do a few key things. They ….

  • have a larger sense of purpose into which their goals fit.
  • tell others about this purpose.
  • set a goal and tell others about it too.
  • identify milestones and review these regularly.
  • set up rewards and consequences for meeting and failing to meet these milestones.
  • vision forward contingencies—they do “if, then” visioning, such as:
    • If this positive outcome happens, then I will______.
    • If this problem arises, I will ______.
  • vision forward each morning and imagine or write new  ”if, then’s” each day and keep daily score.

If you read this far, I assume you are joining me in this late-winter wake-up call to action. Click on to find our “neuroimplementation form”—a tool for tracking the elements that Wiseman’s research shows are crucial. Use it as a map to follow on your way to success.