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November 17, 2011
How I used Social Media for the Success of my Business Launch
November 17, 2011

Show a Little Gratitude – just post it!

By Dean R. DeLisle

For those of you who have been through our coaching and training programs, you should know about what we call “the gratitude post”.  This is something that we have done in various ways throughout the years of business development.

However, we now have a new way to show quick appreciation or gratitude.  Make a post, “like” something on Facebook, comment, share or simply send a message. That’s right, think about it.  What would happen if once a week you simply look back on those individuals who have influenced you, helped you and maybe even those you have done business with, and simply wrote a statement of gratitude on their wall thanking them for their help, advice or business?  It ultimately connects you, makes you present in their world and makes them feel appreciated.

Many times in today’s world we are so busy that we thank people on the spot – telling them quickly that was awesome, yet don’t spend the extra time sending the thank you cards any more or making the extra call. Well now with the help of Social Networks we can connect with a “gratitude post”.  Simply thank them on their wall, “like” things they think are important, comment, share with your networks and yes, maybe even just one extra direct message to give them added appreciation for their help!

We have over 25,000 readers and subscribers to our articles. What if every single one of us just did a simple gratitude post to someone today – would it just feel good or would it have an impact? Try it for yourself and then you can decide.

See you online!

– Dean