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5 Reasons You Should Start Using a Facebook Business Page To Increase Sales

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5 Reasons You Should Start Using a Facebook Business Page To Increase Sales

facebook business page1) A Facebook business page can get you a larger audience, and faster:

Unlike a traditional company website (like the one you probably have right now) which is designed to succeed through driving traffic there, a Facebook business page can typically grow by itself organically simply by performing a few simple steps.  These include building a great looking Facebook business page, “inviting” all of your contacts to come check it out and “like” it so they begin receiving notifications of your future posts, and including links to your facebook business page on all other marketing collateral and websites.  Generally speaking, the larger your existing database is of past customers and subscribers, the easier it would be to very quickly grow a massive and powerful following on your Facebook business page.

2) Consumers who know about your business can increase virally through friends telling friends with a Facebook business page:

A staggering stat recently came out which shows that the average person spends a whopping three(3) full hours engaging with their social media accounts per day, most of which is on Facebook.  The true power of having your business readily available for consumers to digest on Facebook lies within the platform’s ability to spread the word about your business virally.  Traditionally, you probably have been creating an ad which is then seen by individuals who then choose to act on it or not.  In contrast, just one promotional “post” you have on your Facebook business page can not only be seen by the masses but can spread “virally” by even just a few (usually past client) consumers clicking “like” on that post which then places a link to it on their page, which is then seen by their entire legion of followers/friends.  Best of all, anything appearing on that 1st or 2nd tier of fans’ pages holds a certain level of credibility and trust within those who see it, which is a great segway into #3 below:

3) Personal referrals/recommendations on your Facebook business page close deals 50%+ more effectively than with traditional advertising:

using facebook to grow your businessRegardless of whether your company sells services, homes, mortgages, or widgets, we can all probably agree that it is much easier to make a sale when the customer is a personal referral vs. a cold call or comes in through an advertising campaign.  The reason for this is simple.  That customer, to a certain degree, already trusts you and/or your brand because they came to you through a referral channel.  Facebook gives you this same sort of “personal referral” setup when your past clients “like” your business page which is then visible to all of their friends on Facebook.  By that person “liking” your business page (brand), that is one way that they put their stamp of approval on your brand for all of their friends to see.  This is arguably the #1 strongest benefit of bringing in leads through Facebook above any form of traditional advertising:  warm referrals beat cold leads any day of the week!

4) You can increase your engagement with customers massively by leveraging a Facebook business page:

Consumers like visiting a company’s Facebook page for similar reasons as they would your traditional company website, but also because they get to “engage” with you (the brand) as well as other consumers in a live, open forum.  This type of live engagement is not possible on a traditional website and consumers LOVE the transparency and immediate gratification of being able to get quick responses and to have their voice heard, good or bad.  Companies that offer this type of interaction on their Facebook page are in essense telling the public, “we encourage you to sound off, good or bad, because we are confident we provide a superior level of service and we have nothing to hide about how we handle our business”.  Of course there can always be a few nut jobs out there who post nasty things for no reason and if that occurs you can always just delete those posts from your page.

When you spread the word about your Facebook business page, it is like saying “interact with our brand”, not just ” go check us out on our website”.  Consumers expect interactive, immediate gratification these days, not just information on a website.

5) If you already have a company website, promote it with your thriving Facebook business page for FREE:

consumersYou most likely already have a company website or online business directory listing so the best first step to promoting your new Facebook business page is to have a link pointing to it everywhere possible.  This can be on your business cards, your company website, your yellowpages listing, your Linkedin profile, you print ads, on signage at your sales center, on promotional flyers, and anywhere else you can think of.

In conclusion, give Facebook a try and see what it can do for building your business.  If you find that you need help or would like more advanced customization or integrations built for you, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation as we offer professional customization services.

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