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April 13, 2010
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April 26, 2010

By Dean R. DeLisle

Think about how we get writers block sometimes when it comes time to write our Blogs, when in reality, we actually have great engaging Blogging material that passes through our lives every single day as we march through life being experts to our customers.

In our Blog coaching, we often work on non-obvious yet simple places to find great Blogging material. Some of us write them in emails, text messages and even post them on Facebook. Remember our goal in Blogging is to engage our audience and solicit a response; and if we are ultimately successful, build enough trust and credability that some will become customers and stick around.

This week we were doing Blog training at Learning Enhancement, one of our clients who make an amazing software called BraiWare Safari, a game which helps people of all ages increase their learning ability. Amazing stuff! Anyway, they said “We came up with a game to get great Blogging material!” So I said “do tell”, and they did!

Betsy said “It’s simple, to your point we have amazing content and help people all day long, however we don’t capture most of it. So we said, when one of us has an engaging topic and makes the other light up or sparks a conversation, whether we are in the office or at one of our many conferences or meetings, we shout BLOG-IT! Then we quickly write it on the board or in our phone for a queued up Blog topic. It’s that easy!”

Since then, clients are making a company-wide game from this, using their customer service departments through upper management to get in on the action. This is so easy and its fun. We even have one client, Stitely Entertainment, who is ringing a gong in their office while shouting BLOG-IT!

This is too much fun, so forget writers block and not ever having enough Blog content, it’s time to get out the post-its, clear the white board, or ring the gong and have a great time playing BLOG-IT!

Tell us your spin on this and maybe we can all be a part of the first Blogging Reality TV Show!   Hey, we have seen crazier things happen!

I love my work – see you online – Dean

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