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September 10, 2013
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September 28, 2013

New Sales – Go Big then Go Small – Better Margins and Bigger Sales

freemium_infographic-forward-progressThis was a mind shift quite some time ago. When we first got into internet marketing, it was proper to start people out with a free download, then drive them down the upgrade path to the next step sale. This holds true today for many product and online service selling models, some called “Fremium.”

However, when selling any services I have found that you need to lead out with a higher priced and higher valued package. So, we often find that even if people cannot afford your more valued higher price offering, they will understand where they can possibly go with you and many times will consider that higher valued option for themselves or a possible referral.

I switched my thinking on this when my coach suggested this to me and have been value selling ever since. Try it!  Take your highest offering and tell people that is what you recommend as long that is what they need.  If they cannot afford it, see if you can work out payments to get them into the program without going to a smaller offer. Then, worst case you has set the bar for them, and you can offer them the next package or offer below larger package.


So I challenge you to try it this week.  What can you do to go large this week?  What can you offer? Let us know about your success and we will brag about that big package offering to our network as you now start closing bigger deals with better margins!