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May 12, 2014
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May 22, 2014

There are many ways to accrue more sales through LinkedIn business development. The best way to think about your connections is that they are the same people you have always
been connected to, but in a public area. Your relationship, however, can remain private or public and that choice is all yours. If you think about the principle of sales, especially ones that come from referrals, it’s based on trust which allows the development of relationships.

Engagement Tips for LinkedIn Business Development

LinkedIn business developmentSo now that we have established that referrals come from trusted relationships, we now just have to understand how
LinkedIn business development works. When you engage with people, in
any way, there is more and more trust built; especially when you are genuine. Just like you send emails and make calls, you can also engage with social media. You can make those same relationships remain top of mind by just showing up in the network. You can generate shared posts in your network, mention key connections and then also engage with their posts. These are just a few engagement moves you can make. Now that you are top of mind, your network will think of you more than others that are not engaging.

One of the other things that many forget is that you can certainly engage with people with the intent to set LinkedIn business developmentappointments. You have the same power in LinkedIn business development, like when in a room full of people to walk up, talk to someone, then ask them for a meeting, The same holds true with LinkedIn, think about it as a room, find your target people, click on their posts with a like and comment to bring them to the surface. Once you have done that, strike with a meeting request. Work’s 80% of the time. Now this is all dependent on the level of relationship you are in with your network and the ones you pursue. However like any good network event, the more you show up, the more others know and trust you, the more referrals and meetings you will get.

Once you get the hang of these techniques, you will be able to make LinkedIn business development moves to getting more deals into your pipeline and converting them to new sales. It’s all up to you!

Earlier this week, I delivered a webinar called “LinkedIn Business Development: 5 Power Moves to New Business.”  Feel free to click here to view the video’s recording or check out the slidedeck below to learn more about LinkedIn business develpment!


LinkedIn Business Development: 5 Power Moves to New Business

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