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March 19, 2010
Content – This is What the Internet Feeds On!
April 8, 2010

By Dean R. DeLisle

Now I know that all of you reading this are experts in your field. You possess value, advice and guidance for those you serve whether you are in products or services—right?

So with that established, how do you write these eBooks and what are they used for?  Well, I only have one, however I have written thousands of blogs, articles, white papers, reports, letters, emails, posts, discussions and other like items that have helped people along the way; and now an eBook.  So how did I do it? Well, I was in a discussion with Christina Canright of Canright Communications and she said, “Dean, you have so much content and write so much, why don’t you do an eBook?” So knowing me, I said—why not?

Think about it. What do you have of value that could help your current and perspective clients? I am sure it is buried in what you already have “as an expert”.

First of all, you need to be sincere about committing to these four hours. Therefore, when doing this, make sure you disable your email, blackberry or iPhone. Turn off your desk phone and tell people you are unavailable for the next few hours.  Otherwise four hours will take you four weeks!

Take the “value” you have as a starter, and then determine who you are talking to.  Make sure you still know who your current and perspective clients are—are they still who you are targeting? You must make sure that is clear—I actually write that on my White Board in front of me, like a big “bulls eye”.

Next, you need to determine how to communicate that.  I did it as if I were giving a talk or webinar, so I outlined my book in PowerPoint, because that’s how I do it. However, you could use Word, a white board, paper or heck, even Post-Its!

Create steps in sequence on how you would explain or guide your audience, then do what my musician friends do — after you have some chapters framed out, write for the wastebasket. Write like you’re actually talking and giving advice even if it’s as rough as it gets. Who cares?  You’re not publishing yet!

Now that you have written all the parts, explain it to about five customers, prospects or even friends to make sure it flows and makes sense to others.

Next, hire a content writer (like Canright Communications or whomever you might already use) to edit, organize and validate it, and provide some pictures and diagrams to make your expertise look like you deserve it. It’s really that easy!

Now that you have it together, it’s time to use it to build credibility, reputation, close deals, generate leads and for some of you who do the “big” eBooks, you can sell them.  Who knows, you might get the big book deal after that! I consider this the new “white paper” we all used to do; only it seems more fun.

So remember, I am not claiming my expertise is writing an eBook, I am just simply telling you how I did it; and once I did it and stopped thinking about it — I made it happen. I now have an eBook I am proud to send out.

I guarantee ALL of you can do this over the course of four hours. If you are still struggling, watch our announcements — we are having a webinar on “How to Write an eBook” featuring some experts who will guide you through the process!

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