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Get Business Exposure With Facebook Ads

facebook adsIf you are like most business owners, you’re constantly on the lookout for effective, low-cost ways to get maximum exposure for your business.  Whether you are look for more leads, brand recognition, or possibly just more social media followers/fans, this strategy to get business exposure with Facebook should work for you.

The only prerequisite for this is that you have a Facebook Business Page set up.  If you don’t have any Facebook account or business page yet, build that first here on the Facebook website and then continue with the following steps.

This strategy can be broken down into 3 stages:  1) Build general credibility, 2) Build local/specific credibility, and 3) Leverage your new fans to get more leads.

Get Business Exposure With Facebook – Step #1:  Build General Credibility

Get Business Exposure With FacebookThe first step involves building up your presence on social media accounts in an effort to gain instant credibility.  Specifically, the sheer size of your fans/followers.  The reason for this is that simply human nature urges us to click on Facebook ads and pages with thousands and thousands of fans because we consciously or subconsciously say to ourselves, “I’ve got to see what all this buzz is about this company”.  Very important:  we are not talking about buying Facebook likes or fans here.  That is not only wrong but those fake “likes” will almost always get your Facebook account suspended.  Instead, you can quickly and dramatically grow the size of your Facebook following by creating just one or two simple Facebook ads promoting your business and focusing those, at least initially during this first stage, on low-cost English-speaking countries other than the United States.  On average, you can get English-speaking fans from these non-US countries for just 1 cent each.  Compare that to 50 cents – $2.00 each for the same US-based fans.  Now remember, unless you’ve got a universal and/or digital product you’re selling, these fans will likely be just that:  fans.  The primary goal of stage #1 is merely to spend as little as possible (usually about $5 per day) on Facebook ads to generate about 500 new fans per day to (legally) boost your Facebook business page’s credibility.

Action Step:  Build 1-3 Facebook ads promoting your business but make sure you are only targeting low-cost countries other than the US.  If you are unfamiliar with the Facebook ad platform, feel free to contact us for a no-risk consultation and quote.

Get Business Exposure With Facebook – Step #2:  Build Local/Specific Credibility

business exposureOne you’ve laid the foundation in step#1, we’re ready to evolve your page’s increased perceived credibility into REAL, local prospects.  Some of you business owners out there may have tried targeting your ideal Facebook prospects like this already but have little to show for it.  There can be a variety of reasons for the past lack of success but usually all Facebook ad campaigns can experience improved conversion if you simply have a lot of fans already (solved above in step #1).  There is a simple reason for this:  When Facebook shows your ads, the ad includes the number of current “likes” that your page has.  Imagine seeing an ad for a company that sounded promising but the ad disclosed that their business page had only 50 or 100 fans.  You’re less likely to click on that ad (let alone follow through to a sale) simply because the low number of current “likes” tells you that there product or service must not be all that good. Now imagine that you saw that same ad but it included the fact that the business’ page had 121,505 “likes”.  Now you’re much more likely to click on that ad.  This completes step #2 on how to get business exposure with Facebook.

Action Step:  Copy your previous ads from step#1 but now target your ideal audience (location-wise).  If you need help setting up and managing this type of campaign, contact us for a no-risk consultation.

Get Business Exposure With Facebook – Step #3:  Leverage Your New Fans/Followers

Get Business Exposure With FacebookNow that you’ve got a Facebook business page with tons of fans and you’re focusing your Facebook ads on your ideal audience, now its time for step#3:  TEST, convert sales, TEST again, convert more sales, refine.  The main thing to focus on is how much your new campaign is costing per “like” or per click to your main company website and to determine if that cost is reasonable enough for you to increase your daily budget.  The best way to measure this is to send traffic from your Facebook business page over to a specific page of your website, usually a landing page.  From there, you need some sort of call-to-action so you can measure conversions on this page.  Usually its best to have some sort of offer, either a discount coupon, a free consultation, or a free download of some kind such as a free whitepaper on your business topic.  You’ll need to capture the visitor’s info in exchange for the item you’re giving them (ie:  Fill out the short form and receive instant access to our popular whitepaper “5 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home Faster Than Your Neighbors”).  The visitors must then be automatically pushed to a “Thank You page” after they fill out the form.  That will be the page URL you can put inside of your Facebook campaign to truly measure the performance of your ads because Facebook can help show you how many people it took to click on your ad in order for you to get an actual conversion on your website.  There are many other tracking and measuring strategies but this is the most basic and it is pretty much essential to have a “Thank You” page tracked with any pay-per-click campaign so you can accurately measure your success.

This strategy to get business exposure with Facebook can be broken down into 3 stages:  1) Build general credibility, 2) Build local/specific credibility, and 3) Leverage your new fans to get more leads.  Make sure you are testing and measuring different variations of your ads on the Facebook side as well as various offers on your website’s landing page until you find the optimal combination; true cost-per-lead.

That wraps up our 3-stage process for leveraging Facebook ads to increase your business’ credibility on Facebook and to best drive traffic to your site that is likely to convert into sales.  If you’d like to get business exposure with Facebook but need help, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.