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July 23, 2014
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August 15, 2014

Display Ad Retargeting – How Can This Increase My Sales?

So what is display ad retargeting?

display ad retargetingPut most simply, display ad retargeting is an advertising strategy enabling you to get in front of the prospects who have already visited your website.  On average over 95% of all visitors on your website leave before they convert into a sale.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to tag each one of those visitors and then show them display ads about your brand across many other websites they visit after they leave yours?  Well now you can!

How does display ad retargeting help me produce more sales?

Recent studies show that sales conversion rates go up dramatically when you market to prospects who are already familiar with your brand and even more so when they’ve already visited your website and browsed your products/services.  Display ad retargeting works by installing a snippet of code on your website which then invisibly “tags” each visitor so you can market to them later automatically, and across thousands of popular websites which they are likely to visit later (includes but not limited to Amazon, Facebook, Fox News, CNN, TheBlaze, and many others).  When your lost visitors continue seeing your brand in ads on other websites they are likely to remember having viewed your site, click on your ad, and get routed back to your site to either close or to contact you (whatever your conversion standard is for your site).

On average most businesses who begin using a strategic display ad retargeting campaign begin earning $100 for every $10 spent on their campaign.

Who controls the display ad retargeting platforms and publishers?

display ad retargetingThere are a growing number of reputable display ad retargeting vendors these days and they virtually all pull from the same inventory of high-end ad space.  By collecting with the “big 5” ad delivery platforms, these vendors can usually get you in front of 90%+ of the available ad spaces across the entire internet (including social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter).  The “Big 5” platforms are:  Google Display Ad Network, Facebook Exchange, RightMedia, OpenX, and AppNexus.  It is somewhat difficult to learn each platforms processes and policies so we recommend using an experienced marketing professional to create your display ad retargeting campaign.

How do I start leveraging display ad retargeting to increase my sales?

Getting started with your first display retargeting campaign is easy as long as you choose an experienced marketing partner.  The first thing you’ll need is to determine what your conversion goal is.  It may be getting a client to simply call the number on your website.  It may be getting a visitor of your website to fill out your contact form.  It may be getting a visitor on your site to complete an online sale and actually pay on your website.  Regardless of what your specific conversion goal is, it is crucial that we identify this in order to track the success rate of the retargeting campaign.

retargetingNext, your marketing partner will help you install a small tracking code on your website.  This is invisible to your visitors and will enable the system to show them the appropriate ads when they are on other websites.  This tracking code only needs to be installed once (similar process to installing Google Analytics tracking code on your website to track visitors).

Finally, you will set your initial budget.  This can be as little as $25/week or $10,000 per month depending on initial testing, increased conversion rates, and the amount of money you earn per sale.  Shockingly, on average most businesses who begin using a successful display ad retargeting campaign begin earning $100 for every $10 spent on their campaign.  It is success stories such as these which fuel the current frenzy over display ad retargeting.