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How to Use Linkedin to Generate More Sales and Boost Business in 2014 – Dean R. DeLisle
December 3, 2013
LinkedIn – 5 Powerful Steps to Boost Your Career for 2014 – on 01-08-2014
December 27, 2013

How to Climb to the Top of Google – Search Engine Marketing – Dean DeLisle

In this week’s webinar, we covered some of the techniques Joe Karns and the team use to help our clients climb to the top of Google. This climb to the top of googleencompasses Search Engine Marketing techniques which cover two primary categories, Paid Search (Pay Per Click and Online Advertising) and Organic Search.

Search Engine Marketing – Paid Search

Paid Search is quite simple in theory. Pick your keyword phrases, check out the competition, and then start paying. You are really buying your way to the top. We have techniques (based on our buying power) that we can bulk buy phrases. However, we still need some decent budgets to get started ($500+ per month) if you really want to climb to the top of Google.

Search Engine Marketing – Organic Search

Organic Search uses the power of Content Marketing” – this is the new buzz about the internet. It mostly to do with writing blogs like this and coordinating your social network, video, audio and other content items on the internet around your Keyword Strategy. The main game for any of these is to get your keyword phrases established and then begin to schedule your content creation around these keywords.

search engine marketing

For more detail on this simple go to our last webinar titled:
How to Climb to the Top of Google- Search Engine Marketing 
where our team discusses this topic in more detail.

For the slides from the webinar please visit our Slideshare account:

How to Climb to the Top of Google – Search Engine Marketing Slides

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