8/17/2017 Fast-Track to Funding Your Start-Up
August 18, 2017
8/29/2017 LIVE WEBINAR: Live Streaming Video Coaching Session with Ryan Pena, George B. Thomas and Dean DeLisle
August 19, 2017

9/5/2017 Complete LinkedIn Social Selling Course

LinkedIn™ Social Selling Course – Featuring NEW LinkedIn™ Changes

Our Complete Social Selling Course Package NEW Sales Referrals Guaranteed

During this online course, Dean DeLisle will teach attendees the most effective LinkedIn™ strategies used to attract desired connections and gain quality appointments. Have your network choose you first for new business. We will set new appointments during class!

Highly Immersive Online Course to Boost Your Career, On-Demand Self-Paced Support and Live Group Coaching

Topics Covered:

  • Social Selling 101 | Social Selling Foundation | LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Social Selling 201 | Social Jack Network Building – Social Teaming

  • Social Selling 301 | LinkedIn Advanced Sales Techniques

  • Social Selling 302 | LinkedIn Advanced Sales Routine

To learn more, visit:  http://socialjack.com/linkedin-complete-social-selling-course/