2/15/18 – Building a Powerful Social Network – The Secret to Unlimited Referrals
January 9, 2018
How to Rock Your Personal Brand – The Start of Your Influence
January 10, 2018

Thursday, 1/25 – 10AM – NOON Central

If you have ever received a referral for a job or new business, you know how critical your online personal brand can be. People are only one click away from choosing you or moving on, many times you will never know.

Learn from the best who have built thousands of profiles and helped thousands learn how to get their personal brand known. Dean DeLisle and the Social Jack™ Team have put together a quick easy to follow recipe to get on the right track and make sure that people click on you when making that critical choice for a professional. This class is taken directly from their well-known Influencer Development Program.

In this two-hour online class, we show you how to jump in, have fun and get started to become an influencer in your professional world.

You will learn:

  • How to select an ideal target audience
  • The critical element of keywords
  • Update of LinkedIn and other key profiles
  • Where to make updates quickly
  • How to attract even more referrals
  • Step by step success formula


Your Instructor: Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, a Chicago based Influencer Marketing Company, has developed training programs and services to help organizations and professionals become an influence in a very digital world.  He and his team have successfully coached and trained over 100,000 professionals on their Social Jack™ platform helping to develop Influencers all over the world. Learn from the best and see how you can become the brand that stands apart from the competition.