Google Plus – not Why but Why Not?
November 16, 2011
Social Network Team Rotation – Variety is the Spice of Social Networks
November 16, 2011

Unfortunately about five weeks ago I encountered a pinched nerve injury. This made it extremely difficult for me to do the excessive amount of typing and online communication that I typically do. With that being said I recently reengaged myself with Naturally Speaking software by Dragon for my blogs. I found this to be a new method for me to express what I wanted to blog without typing. It took a little time at first, however once I got the hang of it, the software understood my speaking style and wording just fine.

Of course you still have to deal with background noise issues and make sure you're in a relatively quiet place, having a noise cancelling headset also helps. This would not work well in Starbucks, on the train or other noisy environments. The nice thing is that once you get used to it and it gets used to you it seems to be a good match.

So for those of you that need a break from typing and are looking for a new way to blog your thoughts try the new version of Naturally Speaking software. This blog was written entirely using that method.

See you online (speaking)…