Social Network Diving – living below “see” level
November 17, 2011
How to Double Referrals & Appointments using Linkedin
December 1, 2011

By Dean DeLisle

I know it feels a little crazy to say, however it just came up during two different conferences where the companies were talking about Social Media as a single person in the company:

“How are we supposed to socially enable our organization successfully if we only have one voice? Even if we are a small company, don’t we have sales people, marketing, customer service, maybe even operational people who come in contact with the outside world? Then why not use the power of ALL combined networks working together on behalf of our organization?”

Basically, it’s connecting networks to networks of others. We were recently doing some great training with a client in the Point of Purchase Display business. They had all the right moves. They empowered the ENTIRE organization to become socially enabled; and in their industry, I guarantee they are the fastest moving, connecting, and socially enabled company in their space. They have their people connecting at every department – even accounting! Now that the people are in motion, watch their content start to blossom all over the internet!

SMS Displays is a company you should watch out for. They are doing all the right things and are definitely playing in a Team Sport! Visit them soon –