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November 16, 2011
Social Networks Never Sleep
November 16, 2011

Social Network Team Rotation – Variety is the Spice of Social Networks

One thing we like to see with our client’s posting on Social Networks is variety, not just in topic but in people.  We know that most of you have it down to mix your posts with topics and some of you even have the themes down. Themes are a creative mix or wave of topics, now how about the people?

So for instance if you have five people in the company, mix it up. You can assign roles in the team.  The common practice is to have the “Social Media” person be the “leader” online. They always lead out the discussion, they are always present, they are sometimes neglected and left out there to hang. Instead what if you rotate the leader position?  For instance, if every week you rotate the leader, then the other four rotate interactions and sharing, then you have variety of people as well as topics. So look at the chart below for some simple roles and examples.

Now remember this is a simple example, however when we have clients performing a proper rotation they have an increase of “Interactions” which blossom from the base of their core team shown above and eventually when they get the call to action correct, then they start converting!

If you would like to learn more about Social Network Team Rotation, contact Forward Progress for a coaching package and get your team interacting today, or go to!

See you Online – Dean