If you only had a Social Minute – what move would you make?
November 17, 2011
Keying In to Key Words
November 17, 2011

By Dean R. DeLisle

I am constantly walking into retail shops everywhere (okay maybe not everywhere but in enough of them), and it still amazes me as I survey the world and ask businesses – “Are you on Facebook?” It will either be greeted warmly asking if I’d like to join their page, or it will be a flat out blank stare.  For this post however, let’s assume they’ve said “yes”.

Four out of the last five stores are using this tool.  I’m talking about your local retailers, not those big box or outlets, just entrepreneurs who are living the American dream spending every hard earned nickel either staying open or marketing their business the best way they know how. As I scour the store materials, handouts and even signup for their mailing list, I am still given no clear instruction of how to join their new social community. I have to practically beg them to spell the name of their page correctly, and in most cases, THEY are making ME do all the work and search the networks to find THEM. As I’m leaving their store, are they honestly expecting me to remember their page name or how to search and then join their page?  They would be lucky if I even remember their store name to ever return there, let alone to remember their fan page on Facebook! And to boot, most haven’t given me any incentive to even join!

Therefore, just as you always put your email, phone number and web address on everything, you MUST remember and do the same with your Social Network pages as well!  If you need to, just call us for help!

See you online – Dean