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November 16, 2011
Article Marketing – selling without selling
November 16, 2011

By Dean DeLisle

When we talk with our clients, it’s evident who’s doing the right things. As we move into the New Year, the whole business community has learned how to transition themselves into the brave new – social network – world.

However, the question we always get asked is – who is it working for?  Quite honestly, we have found the answer to be very consistent. Many even know I lead out most of my classes and discussions with the answer. It’s the ones who have the right “mindset”. That’s right, mindset.

Well you say, that’s a broad statement and seems awfully vague.  Okay, well let’s dig deeper!

Whether we walk into a Fortune 500 company or a small five person business, it’s always the same story. We can give them the blue prints, develop the perfect game plan, train the staff and coach them through the whole process, but if they don’t BELIEVE in it and follow through with it, will never work. Or, sometimes it will only work for just a few employees, that the company won’t support it and in most cases will abandon it.

That is the most consistent thing we see everywhere. We spoke to a group in London this week and it is the same deal, it’s world-wide – unanimous!

This is just like when we would install CRM systems and the Sales Manager would swear that if the whole sales department didn’t use it religiously, they would lose their jobs. It started off like gangbusters. Then it started happening right before our eyes. One would drop off, then another and another, till pretty soon – their $250,000 investment was a just fancy version of Outlook at best. We’ve seen it way too many times.

We see this also with our training in Social Networks; 100% of the company starts off with it, many times even the CEO, then as weeks go by people fall off and there are just a few who actually practice the process. Those are the smart ones; the ones with less dials, more referrals and more leads. Why are they getting them? They have the right mindset! Social Networks are all about what you cannot see, they are about the connections of connections and if you have the right mindset, and the right training to see the leads and referrals – you will have all the business you will ever need.

Do you have the right mindset to see the leads?