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November 16, 2011
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November 17, 2011

PRIVACYtweet – the interview on your privacy

Dean DeLisle with Lori Ruff, a.k.a. the LinkedIn Diva

DD: What prompted you to write #PRIVACYtweet?

LR: Lots of people have talked about Internet privacy policies for years, ever since its inception. I’ve noticed the increased concern about it with the rise of social media, particularly social networking sites.

A big part of privacy has more to do with common sense, respect for others, and personal responsibility, yet we insist that the companies we do business with do their part to protect our confidential information as well, and I agree they should!

DD: So what can an inspirational format book like this tell us about privacy?

LR: As The LinkedIn Diva, a social media maven, I wanted to write about Privacy because everyone who is in social media, whether they are a social media expert or not, is in it for their own reason. Many reasons may be the same, but everyone has to make individual choices about what they are comfortable sharing. So many people want to benefit from involvement in the new online world, but they have to make peace first with what they are willing to share and what they are not.

The topic of privacy is so hyped up causing constant fear; I wanted to give people resources and to bring them advice so they can walk deliberately online. So many people have an email account hacked, get a virus, or suffer loss because of an inadvertent click or an unknowing disclosure, it is vital to get the word out about how to protect ourselves.

Writing about Privacy as a THINKaha book allowed me to get the information out quickly in a form that will allow the reader to both assimilate it quickly and keep it handy as a reference. And with the additional functionality of the iPhone app and the availability of the eBook and Kindle edition, options for people who want to get the information absolutely plays right into the space, allowing people to read it and to share it whenever and wherever they are.

DD: Why should The LinkedIn Diva be the one to broach the topic?

LR: There has really been no one in the social media world who talks about privacy, yet it is one topic of which I am peppered with questions after every speaking engagement, no matter the topic of the presentation! I often have people who pull me aside to ask how being involved in social networking spaces will affect issues they don’t want made public, how they can keep their family live fenced off, or how they interact but draw a line in the sand they don’t want to cross.

There is really very little information out there about it, so, as The LinkedIn Diva who boldly proclaims that I have chosen to live my life out loud, I feel it is my responsibility to raise the flag for people to rally around and learn just how to walk in this bold new online world in a safe and deliberate way.

DD: Many authors are very difficult to find. Since you are “everywhere” online, can people reach out to you?

LR: Yes! My favorite place to interact is via LinkedIn; however, people can find me wherever they are at If someone wants to book an engagement though, they can contact my booking manager, Christopher Breceda (via [email protected]). People like Christopher and my photographer Neil McKenzie are a huge part of any success people perceive that I achieve. It’s like that in social media; we can easily and effectively locate and collaborate with other people who have similar passions, everyone doing what they do best.

The LinkedIn Diva, Lori Ruff, is a globally recognized expert in LinkedIn and social media. One sassy, saucy business woman, Lori is a full-time speaker, trainer, and co-author of the Rock The World™ Book Series with her partner, The LinkedIn Rockstar, Mike O’Neil.

You can find Lori online at

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