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LEADS, LEADS AND LEADS – What the experts say is coming for 2007!


By Dean R. DeLisle


It’s no secret that successful companies know how to work their leads. They understand what the leads are telling them and they know how to spend the right amount of time on the ones most likely to buy. Now, I know that many of my financial services and real estate folks out there are saying, “Just bang the phones until they respond or tell us to leave them alone”. Yes that worked a few years back (boiler room model) and can still be effective at some levels. However, in today’s busy high-tech world it just does not serve us. There are only so many hours in the day and we need to make the best use of our time to effectively hit our sales numbers. I know you’re thinking, ‘Dean, what are you talking about – this is sales, isn’t it?’


Okay, to the point. We have worked with many of in your e-marketing efforts and have seen the results of effective marketing approach either through your web forms, email marketing, surveys or other e-marketing efforts. If we track the trend for 2007, this is only getting more prevalent and more effective.


The reason: because we are giving people information, value or incentives, they are willing to give us just a little more information than our typical lead houses. This means that we have more information to base our efforts. We can determine if they fit the profile of our offering, or when they are buying or how much money they can spend without even talking to them! This tells us that we should call them today, or maybe they should go into a drip marketing campaign until they are ready to talk in the next 30 days. This keeps us from pounding them with voicemails or calls when they are simply just looking to get more information.


It amazes me the people that keep calling me when I download information and simply say I have what I need, I will call you and buy from you in about 30 days. The good ones call me in 21 days; the ones who don’t get it call me the next day!


Do you get it?


Next month we will share how people are accomplishing this without breaking the bank!


Dean R. DeLisle ► PresidentForward Progress ► [email protected]